Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cal Poly Wine and Food Tasting

Cal Poly Food and Wine Tasting

Last weekend was spent with great friends, and family at Cal Poly. The weather was a little warm, but the breeze made it all better.  The grounds were beautiful as usual along with the food being outstanding.  So many choices to choose from, and many more beers than the previous years. I was of course the 3rd wheel as usual. Well, really the 7th but who's counting.   

It was nice to spend some time with my dad, and we even ran into Walt Allen. (Covina City Councilman) It's nice to be at an event where I'm not lugging around camera equipment, and trying to get good angles while tripping on grass..... you really have know idea. Sighh.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

What a better time too start blogging again than the present. I don't like any of these font choices. (random thought). Easter 2014, a time for reflection, but not a lot of obligation. Just my kind of "holiday". 
 Dad, Aunt Marie, Peter Cotton Tail, and Me.
 This is my normal. I often wonder if I had chosen other roads who might be in this picture, but then... we must not reflect on the "what if's".  Instead, live in the moment, and embrace the present. And so you have it. Easter 2014.

Monday, August 9, 2010


"RENT" Hollywood Bowl
August 7th, & 8th 2010

Neil Patrick Harris, director
Tim Weil, musical director
Jamal Sims, choreographer
Skylar Astin (Mark)
Wayne Brady (Collins)
Vanessa Hudgens (Mimi)
Telly Leung (Angel)
Collins Pennie (Benny)
Nicole Scherzinger (Maureen)
Tracie Thoms (Joanne)
Aaron Tveit (Roger)
Gwen Stewart
Well, I had fantastic seats ( Thank you, You know who are are) . This show was so much fun to see. Fell in love with Skylar Astin (Mark) almost immediately. Wayne Brady (Collins) Has a fantastic voice. Vanessa Hudgens (Mimi) well, I was worried at first, but she warmed up, and ended being pretty good. Telly Leung (Angel), Loved him! Collins Pennie (Benny) Thumbs DOWN. Nicole Scherzinger (Maureen) , Loved her, watch the attached video. Tracie Thoms (Joanne) , She didn't disappoint. Aaron Tveit (Roger) So cute, loved him too. At the end, "I laughed... I cried.... It was better than CATS". XO

Trip To The Cinema

Impact Dance Academy, Covina

Annual Recital : Trip To The Cinema
July 17th & 18th, 2010
Baldwin Park Performing Arts Center

Let's start by saying, I love this theatre. Well designed, comfortable and clean. So that being said, I will gladly go to any show here. Impact, being a smaller (in enrollment) studio brings a warm and family environment to the this show. Well put together routines, warm lighting, and age appropriate costumes are always appreciated. My favorite was the children's ballet number by the song "For Good". "Wicked" Choreography.

Looking for the changes ahead within the Studio, and keep up the good work.


Dancemaker Presents: ICON 2010
Friday July 23rd, 2010
Mount San Antonio College

  • Well rehearsed, and put together production numbers
  • Glitz for Costumes which is always fun
  • Singing, some were better than others
  • Ballet: I continue to see improvement every year! Love watching these girls grow ( I write with a tear in my eye). They should be very proud of themselves.
  • The babies? To die for cute as usual.
  • Father/Daughter dance was very fun to see from the older girls. Their dad's should be proud of the ladies they are raising.
  • Overall: a Long Show, 4 hours, 5 minutes but worth staying for. Bravo!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

T.V. Encore Dance Centre Annual Recital

Encore Dance Centre~ San Dimas, Ca. Annual Recital
June 27th, 2010
Chaffey High School, Ontario Ca.

  • Fun theme, and easy to relate to.
  • Sets, and lighting were much better then years past. They weren't as busy, and involved. Seemed as the focus was more on the kids, and the quality of dancing. That's what I'm looking for!
  • Costumes are ALWAYS done well, and age appropriate.
  • Fun music, and video clips
  • The ballet was beautiful, and could see natural improvement in all the aspiring ballerinas.

Bravo ladies, and see you next year!

Pure Imagination~ Presented by Centre Stage

Pure Imagination
Presented by Centre Stage, Duarte Ca.
Performed at the Pasadena First Church of Nazarene
Directed by Keely Milliken, Alison Hooper, Juliette Miller
June 3rd,4th,5th 2010

Handed a beautiful program, and being told there is "a lot of singing", I find my seat in a room full of chattering parents. The show starts with Megan Mountford singing Pure Imagination to get us in the mood for a show full of talented children. I am delighted to say, I enjoyed every minute. Yes, there was a lot of singing, but the dance was certainly not lacking. Creativity is definitely flowing from the choreographers, and the students follow suit.
My favorites were the girls in Can Can, on Pointe, and the ensemble numbers.

I'm so happy to see this studio growing, and I look forward to many more of their shows.